Unfortunately, the hip hop world is littered with deaths, each as important as the last. Artists who stand up for their beliefs and put their thoughts out there for all to hear are often punished.

And these 5 rappers were punished in the most horrific way.

Big Pun – Born Christopher Rios, Big Pun had a heart attack that would claim his life. He only ever released one album in his lifetime, but that album was a huge success in the hip hop community. He was the first Latino MC to achieve a large amount of success.

Big L – Shot in front of his home and pronounced dead at the scene, L was part of the popular group Diggin’ in The Crates with a host of other famous rappers. Their word countless fans who adored L’s popular style of lyricism and 72,000 copies of his posthumous album sold in its debut week.

Scott La Rock – In his 25 years, Scott Sterling made some huge achievements. He joined forces with other famous names to form Boogie Down Productions and was about to release their huge album Classic Minded when a gunman fired at a jeep Scott sat in.

2Pac – We’ve mentioned 2Pac a couple of times before in the blog, and that’s because he’s probably regarded as one of the biggest names in hip hop ever. He was shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, but his legacy is huge. He’s influenced countless musicians in and outside the hip hop industry.

 B.I.G – Often regarded as one of the best rappers of all time, Notorious was shot just 6 months after 2Pac in a drive-by shooting. He only released one album while he was alive, but just like Pac, he’s gone on to be one of the biggest influences in musical history.

It makes you wonder, how would the world of hip hop look if these 5 were alive today? Would it be much the same, or would it look very different?

Let us know what you think!