Hip hop, we’ve all heard of it. Some hate it, others love it. But did you know it has many different subgenres and fusions?

Hip hop has been mixed with other types of music since it first began. And here we’re going to look at some of the strangest, most popular and bizarre subgenres of hip hop.

Christian Hip Hop – When you think of the hip hop genre, one group that I highly doubt spring to mind, are Christians. Sure, they have a rich musical heritage but, traditionally hip hop covers topics that don’t really match with a devout church goers beliefs.

It originated in the 1980s and goes under many names – gospel rap, holy hip hop etc). It also has subgenres in itself like Catholic hip hop.

Hardcore Hip Hop – This form developed through East Coat hip hop in the 80s. It’s often quite angry, confrontational music and was pioneered by well known names such as Run-D.M.C and Public Enemy. It’s often associated with Gangsta rap, but not all hardcore hip hop revolves around the “gangsta” theme.

Political hip hop – Again, this style was developed in the 1980s and came from the political preachers of the 1970s. Many rappers took it on themselves to address political issues and unrest in their songs and to open the eyes of a wider audience.

It can cover many different ideologies such as Marxism, libertarianism, socialism and many more.

Hip house –You can probably guess which genre of music this covers. Combining house and hip hop this style came out of Chicago and New York.

It grew in popularity here in the UK and still proves to popular in some groups today.

Glitch hop – This style emerged in the 90s and deliberately uses glitches in audio media. These glitches are created using techniques such as CD skipping, distortion, and software bugs. It gained a significant following in Germany but is well known around the world.

So what’s your favourite type of hip hop? Or do you love it all? Let us know!