There are many differences between the lifestyles led by people of the East and West Coasts in America and rivalry between East and West has been rife for many years.  One of the most famous rivalries was the feud during the 1990s between the hip hop communities on the two different coasts which resulted in the murders of the rappers The Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac.

Fashion and style differs greatly between the two coasts, probably due to the very different lifestyles led by the inhabitants.  Here is a rough guide to the basic styles adopted on each coast.

East Coast

In cities like New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore hectic, urban lifestyles have led the inhabitants to dress in polished, classic and practical outfits that can easily be worn during the day as well as at night.  Residents often live honest, straightforward lifestyles and dress more conservatively than people from the West Coast.

The style is often classic, layered, textured and toned down with an abundance of dark colours particularly black and greys. 

West Coast

The West Coast includes laid back cities like Hollywood, San Francisco and LA.  The warmer climate and abundance of beautiful, popular beaches gives the West Coast a more casual and playful style than the East Coast.

Residents on the West Coast have a habit of throwing an eclectic selection of items on to achieve and effortlessly cool appearance.  Their style is more bohemian, creative and colourful than the East Coast and fashion trends on the West Coast are usually bright and bold.