Since the mid-70s hoodies have become synonymous with urban and street fashion.  Before this time hoodies were simply worn as a practicality by people working outside or playing sports to protect from the weather.  As hip-hop and urban culture became popular in the mid-70s hoodies started to become more of a trend than a practicality.  Hip-hop and rap icons made sportswear stylish and with it the popularity of the hoody soared too.

It wasn’t long before the hoody began to get an unsavoury reputation because of the way the hood could be used to mask a person’s identity.  Individuals carrying out illegal activity would wear a hoody slightly tipped down over their face in order to disguise their identity; this behaviour began to tar the clothing with a bad reputation.

Hoodies have always been particularly popular with hip-hop, punk, and skate cultures, and over time these cultures began to feel as though they were bearing the brunt of the backlash of the bad rep that a small minority had given to the hoody.  The disapproval that these cultures found themselves met with helped to create a further culture of defiance amongst young people who wore hoodies.

The media has helped to create a lot of the bad feelings surrounding hoodies by highlighting every time a crime was committed by a person wearing a hoody.  I’m sure more people commit crimes wearing a pair of jeans so why are people wearing jeans not feared in the same way?  The media have made the hoody a symbol of menace, causing shopping centres, schools, clubs and restaurants up and down the country to bring in bans on the clothing item.

So fierce were the public’s views on the hoody during the mid-noughties that it became a point of continual debate in parliament.  David Cameron was quoted saying “For some, the hoodie represents all that's wrong about youth culture in Britain today. For me, adult society's response to the hoodie shows how far we are from finding the long-term answers to put things right."  This speech famously became known as the “Hug a hoodie” speech.

Never has an item of clothing sparked so much debate and outrage.  For the vast majority the hoody is simply a stylish item of clothing that they wear because everyone else is wearing them and because they’re practical and trendy.  The hoody has been subjected to an unfair amount of criticism and loathing which has been hyped up by bad press from the media.  One thing that’s clear though is that hoodies are here to stay; they are still hugely popular amongst the younger generations and throughout urban culture.  From huge brands to small boutiques, hoodies can be found in almost every clothing shop you come across and look set to remain popular with urban street wear brands like ours.