Collection: Men's Jeans

Exclusive urban denim jeans by Time Is Money, Georgio Peviani, Denim King, Dirty Money, Brooklyn Mint and Imperium. Our urban denim jeans are unique and not readily available on the high street.

We have the classic comfort fit jeans, as well as baggy jeans, loose fit denim jeans and not forgetting the biker skinny stretch denim jeans. All our urban denim jeans are to the highest specification with premium finish.

Our Hip hop baggy jeans on offer are of graphic designs, prints and embroidery.  The specific brands for these are Time is Money, Dirty Money. These brands have been here for decades and have a big following from the hip hop and urban fans. We are always striving to bring new designs, so keep a look out on this section.

We also do combat jeans, skinny jeans, biker denim pants, stretch jeans etc. We have an extensive range of jeans, a lot of the skinny biker jeans have biker rips, paint splash prints, embossed designs, with funky embroideries. We have exclusive biker skinny jeans on offer direct from our suppliers so you will definitely be impressed.

All items sent via tracked service.

Collection: Men's Jeans